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Hotel Miramontes

Hotel Miramontes
The Hotel Miramontes is located on a quiet, sunny patch of land just outside the Monteverde town of Santa Elena.
The hotel offers comfortable, wood-paneled rooms that are set amidst an inviting environment.

Monteverde is set within the lush, cloud-forested mountains of Costa Rica’s Central Highlands. Visitors will likely enjoy the outdoor activities that Monteverde is known for—namely, hikes through inspiring cloud forests (both at day and night), walks along canopy-level suspension bridges, and tours of high-flying zip-linesHorseback riding is pleasant in the early morning, a time when many birds can be seen, and trips to the local museums will teach visitors about batsbutterfliesfrogsorchids and more.

The Hotel Miramontes is set on a piece of property that is surrounded by pine trees and blooming tropical flowers. Its accommodations are warm, wooden and spacious. Paintings and murals decorate the walls, and many rooms have small tables for sitting, eating, writing or reading. All rooms come equipped with a private bathroom and hot water shower, and some rooms have porches and a cable TV. All accommodations at the Miramontes offer guests a wonderful place to rest and relax after long walks through Monteverde’s spectacular cloud forest reserves.

The hotel has a restaurant that serves both national and international cuisine, including dishes that hail from such places as Switzerland, Austria, France and Italy. A free breakfast is offered here every morning.

Guests are invited to peruse the hotel’s orchids garden – which holds over 200 species – and butterfly collection. There is a library on hand for guests that are in need of a book, as well as a free shuttle to Santa Elena.

›To find the location of this hotel, please see the map of Monteverde.

Hotel Miramontes Facilities
Gardens, restaurant, jungle view, private parking, free breakfast, orchid garden, butterfly collection, library, shuttle

Hot water, cable TV, fan, private bathroom, porch, safe deposit box, gardens, restaurant, jungle view, private parking, free breakfast, orchid garden, butterfly collection, library, shuttle

All rooms come equipped with a private hot water bathroom.

ROOMS AT Hotel Miramontes

Main House Room
These rooms have one double and one single bed. They can sleep 3 people.
Chalet Room
These rooms have two double beds. They can sleep 4 people.


  • Hot Water
  • Cable TV
  • Jungle view
  • Private Parking
  • Fan
  • Restaurant
  • Gardens
  • Free Breakfast
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