Sky Trek Petzl Harnesses

At Sky Trek, the world class Petzl harnesses meet the highest standards: CE - EN 12 227, & UIAA.

The harness joins the end of the rope to the climber. It gives comfort and security. During progression the harness needs to be unobtrusive, it must not hinder movement.

Details That Make a Difference:

The New Patented Delta System

copyright PetzlThe distinctive new look of the line marks the introduction of Petzl's innovative leg-loop design, the Delta System. The lower edge of each leg loop is circular, while the upper edge is oval with a tensioned contour that creates an even weight distribution across the entire area of contact with the thighs. This unique ergonomic design not only enhances comfort by ensuring even pressure, but also improves freedom of movement through a better fit.
Patented Double Back Buckles
copyright PetzlIncredibly easy to adjust, the Double-Back buckles offer an extra margin of safety over traditional buckles because they don't require back threading -- a feature really appreciated by climbing- and ropes-course instructors or by anyone who might inadvertently forget to back-thread a regular buckle.
Fast Forward gear loops
copyright PetzlDesigned for quick and easy access, these sturdy molded nylon gear loops stand clear of the harness and use gravity to keep gear and draws within easy reach.
Twin-Air Waist Belt
copyright PetzlA wide, comfortable belt, designed with two supportive strips of padded webbing, offers, great support with maximum ventilation and minimum weight.
New Micro-vent Padding
Developed expressly for Petzl, Micro-vent padding combines a highly ventilated foam and special breathable laminates offering unrivaled support, durability, and breathability.

Because of unceasing efforts to improve the strength, lifetime, the look and the lightness of its harnesses, PETZL has been the market leader for a long time.

PETZL was the first to

Above all these visible developments, PETZL has paid equal attention to materials and other prime factors

But it is necessary to think of the comfort and the life expectancy of the harness before manufacture. Ergonomic design and durability are often linked :

PETZL harnesses are submitted to strict quality controls throughout the manufacturing process. Their identification number allows back tracing through all the production processes from weaving the tape to finished product.. They conform to the requirements of the UIAA and the new European Norm with room to spare - these are just the minimum.

At Sky Trek, safety is the top priority.

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