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Selvatura Reptile & Amphibian Exhibition

Selvatura Reptile & Amphibian Exhibition
In this guided tour, our visitors will be able to observe live specimens inside terrariums with specialized climate control that provides these wonderful creatures with home-like habitats.

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Selvatura Park Reptile and Amphibian Exhibition includes frogs, lizards, geckos, snakes and many other kinds of reptiles and amphibians from more than 30 different species found throughout Costa Rica and is the only herpetarium (exhibition of both reptiles and amphibians together) in the area.

Each terrarium can be completely circled for an easier observation of each specimen. The creatures are cared for and monitored by the permanent onsite biologist. During this tour our visitors will learn about the behavior of tree-frogs as well as about ground frogs and toads. They will also learn the differences between each of these families. Plus they will also learn about the behaviors of serpents, their feeding habits and their function inside each ecosystem.

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The Reptile and Amphibian Exhibit
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