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Treetop Climbing

Treetop Climbing
$46.00 USD
This treetop climbing tour is very unique, you climb inside the tree instead of on the outside. Ficus trees (or fig trees) have a hollow trunk, which forms a tube with natural footholds for people to climb.
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3 hours
Sneakers (no sandals), insect repellent, comfortable clothing and sunblock.
Professional guide and climbing gear.
Pick-up and drop-off at several hotels in the area.

The tree is 131 ft (40 m) tall and is located just 5 minutes from the initial meeting point. There are multiple ways to ascend and descent the tree, but everybody will wear a safety harness for all routes.

There are multiple options to go up: climb up the middle of the tree, ascend the metal bars on the exterior, or simply haul yourself up one of the dangling ropes - this last option is best left to the fit. If you are ready to come back down again, there are multiple options as well: descend through the hollow tree or rappel down the outside of the tree. For the last one, you should have some bravery, but it is definitely worth it. 

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Treetop Climbing
Treetop Climbing FROM:
$46.00 USD
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