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Curi Cancha Reserve Night Tour

Curi Cancha Reserve Night Tour
$20.00 USD
The Curi-Cancha Reserve is the place to spot birds, next to this you will also be able to see mammals, insects and more. You can choose between a day or a night tour.

US Toll-Free +1-888-830-6074

Local Costa Rica +506-2479-8811

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Hiking shoes, water, insect repellent, long pants and your passport or a copy of it.
Pick-up and drop-off from several hotels in the area.

Going into a jungle at night will give you a chance to see the animals in a new environment. Many jungle creatures are only active at night and this is the only way to experience them. You will see mammals that never make appearances during day treks. Your guide will point out tarantulas and sleeping birds. The symphony of insects and frogs will be your soundtrack. The tour lasts two hours for 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

The Curi Cancha Park is a small environmentally conscious park. They limit their guest numbers to under 50 people a day to ensure that the wildlife remains protected and beautiful for their guests. The park is home to trails you may explore on your own during the day. While wandering through the trees be sure to look out for the 200 species of bird who call this forest home. You may also come across armadillo, coati, agouti, kinkajou, ocelot, two-toed sloth and three different species of monkey.

The night tour gives you the opportunity to see a lot of different animals, as 60% of the tropical wildlife is nocturnal. 

Tour Booking & Rates for Curi Cancha Reserve Night Tour

Curi-Cancha Reserve Night Tour
  • 5:30 PM / 3 hours
Curi Cancha Reserve Night Tour FROM:
$20.00 USD
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