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Curi Cancha Reserve Night Tour

Curi Cancha Reserve Night Tour
$20.00 USD
The Curi-Cancha Reserve is the place to spot birds, next to this you will also be able to see mammals, insects and more. You can choose between a day or a night tour.
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Hiking shoes, water, insect repellent, long pants and your passport or a copy of it.
Pick-up and drop-off from several hotels in the area.

The Curi-Cancha Reserve extends across 237 acres (96 ha) and protects primary and secondary rain forests. The trails are well maintained, but might be a bit muddy. The trails for several kilometers. This is the perfect place to spot birds like the keel-billed toucan, blue-throated goldentail, the orange-bellied trogan and many more.

The guided tour is private, which means that you do not have to share your guide with a large group and can ask all the questions you want. This will give you a better experience, because the tour can be changed according to your wishes. So be sure you think of some questions before your tour starts. 

The guide leads you over the beautiful preserved trails, where you can spot all kinds of animals and plants. You might learn about the reptilian camouflage or the incredible tenacity of strangler figs. 

The guide will bring a telescope, binoculars and informational guidebooks, the only thing you need to bring is a lot of enthusiasm and your camera.

The night tour gives you the opportunity to see a lot of different animals, as 60% of the tropical wildlife is nocturnal. 

Tour Booking & Rates for Curi Cancha Reserve Night Tour

Curi-Cancha Reserve Night Tour
  • 5:30 PM / 3 hours
Curi Cancha Reserve Night Tour FROM:
$20.00 USD