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Hotel Villa Verde

Hotel Villa Verde
$70.00 USD
Hotel Villa Verde is located less than one mile (1.5 km) from the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, making it popular with visitors who want to spend a good amount of time exploring the cloud forest.
The hotel itself is peaceful and quiet, and is furnished with comfortable and affordable rooms.
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Monteverde is a haven for ecotourism of every sort. Visitors can enjoy hikes through cloud forest reserves, trips to butterfly museums, and walks along canopy-level hanging bridges. The bird watching is notoriously good, as are visits to the coffee plantations and Monteverde Cheese Factory.

Hotel Villa Verde is set on a lush, well-manicured property where guests can enjoy the environment of Monteverde from their very own front door. An on-site restaurant serves up a tasty combination of local and international food, while the adjoining bar mixes, pops and uncorks a great variety of beverages. A complementary breakfast is available every morning, and occasionally, local musicians will come and play music for guests from the dining room. Should the weather get bad or some time need filling, the hotel’s game room is stocked with a foosball and ping-pong table.

Villa Verde offers both standard rooms and villas. The standard rooms come equipped with two double beds, one single bed, and a private hot water bathroom. The villas have the same arrangement, but include a living area with a fireplace, refrigerator and breakfast table. All rooms have a small, connected front patio that is covered and equipped with benches.

Villa Verde is a perfect hotel for those seeking a quiet and rustic place to stay while exploring the Monteverde area.

›To find the location of this hotel, please see the map of Monteverde.

Villa Verde Facilities
Restaurant, private parking, bar, game room, gardens, outdoor seating, maid service, laundry service, room service

Private bathroom, hot water, refrigerator, room service, patio, laundry service, restaurant, bar, game room, private parking, jungle view, outdoor seating, free breakfast, living room, fireplace

ROOMS AT Hotel Villa Verde

Standard room
This room has two double beds, one single bed, and a private hot water bathroom. It sleeps 5 people.
This room has two double beds, one single bed, a living room, fireplace, refrigerator, breakfast table, and private hot water bathroom. It sleeps 5 people.


  • Hot Water
  • Cable TV
  • Jungle view
  • Laundry Service
  • Private Parking
  • Restaurant
  • Room services.
  • Balcony
  • Bar
  • Gardens
Hotel Villa Verde FROM:
$70.00 USD