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Los Cipreses Bed And Breakfast

Los Cipreses Bed And Breakfast
Los Cipreses is located within Monteverde, an eco-tourism haven set within the Central Highlands of Costa Rica.
Los Cipreses is a small, family-run bed and breakfast that offers simple and comfortable rooms.

In Spanish, Monteverde means “Green Mountain.” True to its name, it is an area of rising mountains and green pastures, lush forests and large waterfalls. Visitors can enjoy this environment in a number of ways, including hikes through the cloud forests and walks along suspension bridgesHorseback rides and mountain bike trips are other good ways to see the local sights, and zip line tours offer an exciting chance to fly through the top of the forest canopy.

Los Cipreses offers its guests traditional Costa Rican hospitality and a homey, tranquil environment. The hotel is located in a quiet residential area that’s about a fifteen-minute walk from the town of Santa Elena.

The rooms at Los Cipreses are spacious and clean. Wood paneling lines the walls and tiles spread across the floors. All rooms come equipped with a private bathroom and hot water shower, as well as a standing fan to keep the room cool. Wireless internet allows guests to stay connected to friends and family at home, and a rocking chair offers up an excellent place to read, write or relax.

Every morning guests are served a generous breakfast in the traditional Costa Rican style. This includes gallo pinto, toast, eggs, seasonal fruit and locally grown coffee. The hotel’s restaurant also serves up a number of tasty meals for both lunch and dinner.

›To find the location of this hotel, please see the map of Monteverde.

Los Cipreses Bed and Breakfast Facilities
Laundry service, TV room, private parking, internet access, restaurant, bar, gardens

Hot water, balcony, telephone, coffee service, private bathroom, fan, wireless internet, laundry service, TV room, private parking, internet access, restaurant, bar, gardens

ROOMS AT Los Cipreses Bed And Breakfast

Standard Room
These rooms can have one double bed, two double beds, or one single bed. They sleep up to 5 people.


  • Hot Water
  • Cable TV
  • Spa
  • Coffee Service
  • Jacuzzi
  • Jungle view
  • Laundry Service
  • Private Parking
  • Internet Access
  • Wireless Internet
  • Restaurant
  • Telephone
  • Balcony
  • Gardens
  • Bar
  • Free Breakfast
Los Cipreses Bed And Breakfast CHECK RATES