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Sunset Hotel

Sunset Hotel
$65.00 USD
The Sunset Hotel is propped atop a hillside that’s on the way to the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve. The hotel’s out-of-town location is peaceful, and the property’s private hiking trails and views of the Pacific Ocean are unmatched. The simple and clea
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Monteverde is a nature lover’s paradise. Trails spider out through forests and reserves, allowing visitors to encounter the rich biodiversity that this area is famous for. In addition to hikes through the Monteverde and Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, travelers can look forward to zip line and hanging bridge tours, aerial trams, horseback and mountain bike rides, waterfall treks and more.

The Sunset Hotel is a small, family-run operation. The seven rustic rooms are simple, neat, and nicely decorated. Each is equipped with a private hot water bathroom and double or single beds. A shared balcony extends outdoors, providing guests with a place to sit and enjoy the amazing sunsets that fall over the Pacific Ocean. Additionally, there are two rooms that are slightly bigger and have private porches facing the hotel’s gardens.

The hotel’s property hosts a network of hiking trails. These private trails wind through forests and fields, and offer guests a spectacular location for bird watching. They pass an old strangler fig tree and a small banana plantation, as well as a wide variety of tropical flowers.

The Sunset Hotel’s hospitable owner and staff go out of their way to make sure that their guests’ stay is both pleasant and rewarding. They cook a complementary breakfast every morning and can arrange for lunches and dinners upon request.

›To find the location of this hotel, please see the map of Monteverde.

Sunset Hotel Facilities
Hiking trails, free breakfast, laundry service, gardens, restaurant, bar, private parking

Hot water, balcony, private bathroom, gardens, restaurant, bar, private parking, laundry service, free breakfast, hiking trails


ROOMS AT Sunset Hotel

Standard room with one double bed – sleeps 2 people.
Standard room with one double bed and one single bed – sleeps 3 people.
Standard room with two double beds – sleeps 4 people.


  • Hot Water
  • Private Parking
  • Hiking Trails
  • TV Lounge
  • Balcony
  • Gardens
  • Bar
  • Free Breakfast
  • Wireless Internet
Sunset Hotel FROM:
$65.00 USD