Cafe de Monteverde Coffee Tour

Expand your knowledge and your palate when you discover what’s behind the gastronical appreciation for Costa Rica’s ‘grano de oro’ or ‘golden grain’. Cafe de Monteverde is one of the nation’s foremost coffee plantations and cafes; learn about how a delicious cup of java goes from coffee cherry, to bean, to brew on this cultural, historical, and tasty tour.

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You can’t imagine starting your morning without a cup of coffee, but do you know how much effort truly goes into crafting the perfect brew? You will after this exciting tour. Monteverde is more than it’s cloud forests, it’s also the home of spectacular coffee; you’ll discover the why and how on this (approximately) 2-hour and 30-minute tour that takes you through the complete coffee making process.

The Coffee Plantation

Before coffee even becomes a bean, it starts as a humble red cherry — the star of this farm. This stage of the tour will teach you *everything* about the growing and harvesting processes, which are the first steps in pouring you the perfect cup of coffee. You’ll also learn why ’sustainability’ is the name of the game. This crucial crop can only grow reliably if the surrounding land is healthy.

The Roastery

Once the cherries are picked, how do they become the beans you know and love? To answer that question, just head to the roastery to learn about the processing of the crop, and what it really means when the bags you buy claim to be ‘aged’ and ‘roasted.’

The Coffee Lab

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for; what good is theory if you never put it to the test? It’s time to sample the plantation’s finished crop. You’ll learn how to fully appreciate your experience as you pay attention to the finer points of coffee, taking time to savor and differentiate aromas and flavors.

Coffee makes the world go round, whether we’re talking about the nations that have an economic interest in preserving their crops, or *you* needing fuel to start your day at the office. Once you know the full story of how coffee goes from cherry, to bean, to brew, you’ll understand why origin is as important as flavor. Book this Cafe de Monteverde Coffee Tour today, and receive a side of knowledge with your cup of java.

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